Final Presentations

Urban Lab Amsterdam:
Culture, Technology and Environment

Virtual Knowledge Studio (map)
Cruquiusweg 31, Amsterdam 1019 AT
Posthumuszaal conference room

Research Presentations

9:30 – Coffee and Tea

9:45 – Welcome & Introduction

Paul Wouters
Clifford Tatum
Rob Corser

10:15 – Student Presentations

Indische Buurt: Housing Policy and the Neighborhood

Avery Hilliard
Sociology and Community, Environment and Planning majors
with Architectural Studies minor
University of Washington

Jenn Robinson-Jahns
Community, Environment and Planning major
with Urban Planning and Philosophy minors
University of Washington

Sabra Keller
Japanese Language and International Studies majors
with Political Science minor
University of Washington

Urban Mosques

John O’Meara
Derek Reinelt

Bicycling Infrastructure

Colin Ip
University of Washington

Ben Johnson
Chemical Engineering
University of Washington

Nathaniel Cook
Physiology with Mathematics minor
University of Washington

11:15 – Coffee Break

11:30 – Student Presentations

Livability in Amsterdam

Jenny Abrahamson
Computer Science Major
University of Washington

Rachel McCaffrey
Environmental Studies and Community, Environment, & Planning (CEP)
Double Major with Urban Planning Minor
University of Washington

Regulation and Tolerance within Vondelpark

Elisa Christiani
Environmental Studies Major, Scandinavian Studies Minor,
Environmental Science and Resource Management Minor
University of Washington

Patricia Smith
Biological Engineering Major Mathematics Major
University of Washington

The Urban Screen

Greg Bigelow
Computer Science and Comparative History of Ideas
University of Washington

Maxwell Forbes
Computer Engineering
University of Washington

12:30 – Final Remarks

12:45 – Lunch Reception