Homestretch Project Motivation

by gregbigelow on 15 August 2010

As we churn out our projects, I thought that now would be the best time to pass on a bit of wisdom from one of my favorite professors, Phillip Thurtle:

Take the call of the bird. To explain the bird call as an attempt to lure in a mate is to seriously devalue what that bird is doing. The bird call is not an attempt to find a mate. It is a call out to the world. It doesn’t know what will come back. It could be a nice female bird. It could be a hungry cat. It could be a lonesome echo.

Research is your call out to the world. And you never know what will come back.

This is something that has stuck with me. I hope you find it of interest as well.

Here is a photo of me out in the field trying to blend in with the suits and travelers (World Trade Center 6 in background).

Here is a photo of me fighting a tree.

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