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by gregbigelow on 14 August 2010

Learning by doing… an abstract ideal that I’ve never understood more clearly than now. My time in Amsterdam has been the most entrepreneurial educational experience I’ve ever had. There is a wonderful immediacy to cold-calling professionals and experts,  biking through damp streets to make your appointment on time, asking suits to answer your questions…

How have I been affected so far?

1) Have vastly increased my ability to initiate conversation with strangers who give no indication of wanting to speak with you. After a while, you become numb to rejection.

2) Having a project to do in a new city, even if it is as simple as getting to point A to point B, can make the travel experience much more… vivid.

3) Writing about travel experiences makes them more enjoyable as you actively re-live them in your memory.

4) After watching CASZ  (Contemporary Art Screen Zuidas) for many hours and speaking with its curator, Jan, I’ve developed an appreciation for the visual arts that I never had before. Jan described art as the planting of a seed. An inspiration. This is beautiful. I thought of Inception.

Here is a video of Werner Herzog talking about the importance of images. Start watching at about 4:51 (the day after he ate his shoe!)


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